About Me


Er, hello!


I am on a life-long quest to keep scaring myself silly with new and improbable living arrangements.

Formerly based in Shanghai but now kind of in transit all domesticated and housewifey (for the first half of 2014, at least) in the wilds of urban Leicester, England, I teach at a university/ do super secret exam work/ boss teachers around / do absolutely nothing (for money), take tons of photographs (for pleasure) and write (for sanity). i’m currently based in Saigon, Vietnam, but that may change. It always does.

I write mainly to remind myself of where I have been, because after fifteenseventeen many, many years of traveling it gets hard to remember sometimes.

Questions? Arguments? Email me: koangirl at hotmail dot com

PS I don’t accept sponsored posts, embedded paid links or secretly-commercial guest posts. If I have a guest post amongst my archives, it’s because I asked the writer to contribute, not the other way around. Please don’t email me with requests to post irrelevant articles with commercial links.

I do accept free stuff and praise and love and kindness, however.

I am also more than happy to accept interesting paid writing gigs, especially ones that don’t just pay in ‘exposure’.  I have had enough exposure to last me years.

About the Author

I live in Hanoi. I used to live in Shanghai (hence this blog’s title) but I left in 2013. I tend to travel. I cook stuff. I read a lot. I try to scare myself silly with regularity. I write about it all. A lot.