Totally Impractical Cookery

I live in China. I like to cook. I hate following instructions. Most of my recipes are useless here anyways.

Watch me attempt to make non-Chinese food using only what I can buy in my local shops in a brand new blog exclusively dedicated to attempting to cook non-Chinese food in China. Click on the image below to go there. It’s going to be…interesting.


Good times!


And as a little retrospective of my Greatest Cooking Hits from this blog, here are some highlights (if you want to call them that…)

Baking! In China!


Totally Impractical Peanut Butter Cookies


Totally Impractical Chocolate Coconut Cookies


Things Involving Milk


Totally Impractical Goat Milk Paneer


Totally Impractical Spicy Fried Paneer

About the Author

I live in Hanoi. I used to live in Shanghai (hence this blog’s title) but I left in 2013. I tend to travel. I cook stuff. I read a lot. I try to scare myself silly with regularity. I write about it all. A lot.