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Nancy Lewis

Expat in Shanghai

Connie Hum

In Hong Kong

Andrew Couch

In Germany

Michelle Lara

In Spain

Pam Mandel

In Seattle

Fiona Reilly

In Shanghai

Philip Johnson

In Mexico


In South Africa

Hector Lakemonster

In Shanghai

Marie Szamborski

In New Zealand


In Italy

Mohaha Rajakumar

In Qatar

Kate Bailward

In Italy

Amber Roshay

In Shanghai


Miranda Ward

In Oxford, England

Camden Luxford

The enviable Camden Luxford

Edna Zhou

The lovely Edna Zhou

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I live in Hanoi. I used to live in Shanghai (hence this blog’s title) but I left in 2013. I tend to travel. I cook stuff. I read a lot. I try to scare myself silly with regularity. I write about it all. A lot.