(101 Things About Shanghai) Mops

Sales mop

In the Former French Concession (AKA bits of Luwan and Xuhui), there is a parallel universe operating, much like the ones full of street cats and their armies doing their own thing with their own agendas.

Tree mop

This parallel universe is made up entirely of mops.

Bike mop

They live rich and varied lives in this area, propped up against walls, dangling from trees, jammed into cracks and crevices, hooked on clusters of dangling wires.  I’ve never ever seen such a subculture of mops in my life.

PDA mops

I’m thinking of shifting my old habit of taking pictures of doorways to a habit of documenting the habitats of mops in our neighbourhood.

EDIT: I have! Announcing my All-Mop Tumblr blog! Submissions accepted!

Kitten sitter mop

Tryst mops



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