This Week’s Mop (and a meditation on getting my writing ass in gear)

One foot on the railing, leaning back against the tree

Actual thoughtful writing should resume soon- we had a big, tiring weekend away in Nanjing for work and didn’t see daylight for two days. I tried writing a few things on my iPod on the train ride home but the touch screen is small and annoying and I resumed playing Boggle with Doug on his.

I slightly (*slightly*) regret having decided to do the NaBloPoMo at this time of year, when a ton of marking and revision is added to our house hunting chores and general life upheaval. It requires a post every single day (no gaps) to qualify (not that qualifying gets you anything but the knowledge that you got your lazy unfocused ass in gear and actually wrote a post every day for a month).  I wanted to see if I could do it, if I had the fortitude to stick anything out for any length of time.

I am a renowned quitter (or rather, a drifter-away or casual-escapist) and tend to dabble quite lightly in a wide array of things for a short but quite focused period of time before diverting my attention elsewhere.  My gym membership is one victim of this, as are my abandoned watercolour paints and my book on felting.

I am somewhere near day 20 in the NaBloPoMo and am straining to find things to say that are impersonal enough for this site (can I stretch the NaBloPoMo across several blogs?)  I have ten more posts to go before I can relax. I have some ideas brewing but at this point, I’d be happy to take any requests.  I will not write dirty limericks though. I draw the line there.

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