Ceci n’est pas un laptop

Laptops go well with Rumba Gusta

It was a few hours after we got the news that our flight to Chengdu was to be delayed from noon until night that I got the call from the techie at the apple store. We were already at the airport, trying to kill time by borrowing the piddly wifi and drinking 30kuai watery beers. I didn’t even hear my phone for the first minute or so that it rang- my ring tone is the Muppets’ mnah mnah song and it frequently doesn’t dawn on me that it’s connected to a phone.
The kindly fellow called to inform me that my logic board was irretrievably fried and that it would cost about as much to fix it as to buy a whole new one. Oh, and have a lovely national day golden week holiday! Since he was calling me from work on what should have been a bank holiday, I wished him a restful remainder of the week.
So our week in Chengdu was off to an auspicious start.
We’re back now, flown in this afternoon. I dashed out to pudong to claim the body and to pick out a new one. Since my hard drive was not affected by the mystery shot of espresso that killed the logic board, the lovely lily zhang at the genius bar is busy copying all my data to the caffeine free MacBook pro. It should be ready by morning.
As I’m writing this on my iPod’s tiny touch screen, I am limited in what I can post tonight. There are tons of hopefully lovely/weird/appropriate photos waiting to be uploaded and there are a number of things about Chengdu and china and national holiday hordes waiting to burst forth from my brain as soon as the more conducive medium is picked up and running.
For now I shall resume reading books and doing non-internet based activities. Radical.

Next day ETA: Got new Mac back! Got photos uploaded! Feel human again! For now, I have links to uploaded Facebook albums here and here and here. I’ll try to get stuff up on this site as soon as I get my act together.

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