A Series of Unrelated Photos

I’ve stopped being absurdly ill and have now downgraded to being only marginally ill- possibly because I only worked three hours this week (not including marking or invigilating or meetings). However, due to general exhaustion, marathon novel writing, skinned knuckles, poor posture, bad shoes, stress and whatnot, I’m achy and cricky and have muscle knots in places I didn’t even know I had muscles. Thus, I have unearthed my old collection of Chinese muscle tonics and creams. Before I started stockpiling herbal tonics, I stockpiled stinky, mentholated oils and random pills and potions. Let me show you some of them.

The dragon guards my meds

Inception Cat also guards my meds (click to embiggen)

I’m currently bathed in the cinnamon/menthol vapours of the orangey-brown bottle just to the right of the guard-cat (note the head and ears poking up from the box of stomach pills). It came in the awesome pink tin that is under the dragon’s armpit. It smells marvellous. My shoulder, ergo, smells marvellous.

In other news, although she wasn’t at work yesterday due to mid-terms, Mrs Mu left a gift for me on my desk while I was away on Tuesday and Wednesday. Akin to the kilo box of nutmeg in that Simpsons episode, I am now the proud owner of an enormous bag of dried roselle blossoms. These are good for both skin and immune system. The tea is lovely-like rosehip but a bit stronger. Note spare yam to the right of the bag. The box of tea next to the stapler is for calming and tastes like wet daisies.

Mrs Mu left this on my desk

Finally, a photo of the delivery service provided by the antique furniture restorers two doors down from our flat.  The other day, they had an enormous dining room table strapped to the back of a scooter. Other times, there have been armoires, entire sets of elaborately carved wooden chairs and book cases. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me.  I did get this one yesterday though.

How much can you strap to your bike, ya wuss?

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