Nibblies, cookies and crepes, oh my!

Today I stocked up on my coping-stash at work. The weather has turned frightfully cold after the loveliness of the weekend and it was quite difficult to haul myself out of the warm flat and out into the streets to go to work. I knew I needed some sort of incentive to deal with sitting for hours at my desk in an increasingly dark office. I needed cookies and hot milky teas. Large quantities of them.  So I went shopping at the corner shop next to the university and bought a ton of crap.

I’m totally hooked on the instant hot milk tea cups with the little plastic packets full of jellied fruit bits that you add to the powder mix. I’m currently grooving on a green tea theme, though the purple taro root flavour also rocks.

I’ve also transitioned from the green tea Oreos to the chocolate peanut butter ones, just to drive Unbravegirl mad with envy.

The little snacky bag is full of crunchy little puffed rice cakes, black pepper flavoured, I think. They are very good.


Yes, that is a poster of a half naked chick with a glass of Absinthe on my desk. I have no colleagues, nor supervisor.


As well as keeping a drawer full of wholly-chemical over processed crap, I’ve also been enhancing my days with a lovely hot jian bing in the mornings on the way to work. There is a lady on our block who makes awesome ones, all crepey and hot, smeared with chili paste and stuffed with all sorts of crunchiness.


She moves too fast for my phone


I think I need a pair of sleeve protectors.

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