Gerald the Bear is accepting freelance blogging opportunities now!

I just wanted to take a moment out of your presumably busy day to introduce you to my new co-blogger, Gerald the Bear.

Gerald, pondering the infinite universe

Gerald joined me late last week, thanks to an introduction from my thoughtful students at the university Christmas party. So far, Gerald has proven to be a thoughtful, insightful bear, filled not only with flammable foam but also with ideas on slow travel, authenticity, getting off the beaten path, and finding one’s place in the greater universe.

He also has a cunning time machine that allows you to go back in time before a regrettable blog post was written and make it as though those words had never been uttered.

He works for a flat fee of honey, grubs and any ad revenue generated by his posts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gerald the Bear. *Applause*

Gerald can also do instructive photo essays on Ashtanga yoga

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