Brief Notes on 15 Days in Cambodia (part 1)

Look closely at the photo on the tuktuk ceiling

We just got back from Cambodia last night, returning to a cold, grey Shanghai and a chaotic jumble of bills, dirty laundry, empty fridge and dusty floors.  The two flights from Phnom Penh to Guangzhou to Shanghai had been turbulent and cloudy and the taxi home from Hongqiao airport was lead-footed and jerky.

We attempted to make some sense of our initial chaos (bills go on table, dirty laundry gets tossed into pile of floors, jumble of camera cables and rechargers moved from bag to dedicated drawer) then went out to eat a late meal of garlic shoots, dumplings, etc at the Hunan place up the road (and around a few corners).

I didn’t attempt to tackle my photos until this morning. It seems I took 1,054 photos on this trip.  I may have to write a number of posts to begin to make sense of everything.

Here are a few brief notes to get us started on Cambodia. I don’t have the mental energy for anything greater. Bear with me.

1. Articles of Clothing Destroyed by 2 Weeks of Travel

Two torn shirts, one lost button

Trashed shoes (I hiked many wats in these)

2. Books Bought from Armless or Legless Landmine-Survivor Vendors

Practical souvenirs from Cambodia

Why I bought the books

3. The Monkey Situation

This is the cat I was interested in

And this is the monkey that bit me

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