Nothing to Say Here: Shanghai Street Photos (Curing Winter Meats)

As you may have noted, my writer’s block is rather acute these days. Oddly enough, this dearth of things to say has coincided with an inexplicable increase in my impulse to take pictures of random things. Of course, these photos aren’t necessarily fit for human consumption as they focus mostly on mops and meats and demolition sites. Mind you, my writing dwells on essentially the same things anyway so it shouldn’t be too much of a detour.

For your viewing pleasure (or whatever else you may define it as- I’m open to suggestions), here is the first in a series of random, uncategorized photos of Shanghai, taken for no particular reason.  Today’s theme: salted, cured meat hanging in the streets. Every winter, our street gets strung up with flayed fish, hung ducks and laundry lines of drying sausages. Last year we even had a series of grim, butterflied pigs. It’s fascinating in a morbid kind of way.


Furniture refinishing and flayed fish, together at last

You could use these as snow shoes, I'm sure

Got duck?

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's a moray (eel)

Hardware stall dude doubles as fish flayer in winter

Insert a quarter and a salted duck or fish drops


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