Nothing to Say Here: Shanghai Street Photos (Mops!)

You know what Shanghai is? Shanghai is MOPS. Period. Screw economic prowess, massive deconstruction projects, shiny buildings and nouveau riche bazillionaires and their homicidal spawn and their ¥10,000 bottles of moutai in garish clubs. This city is all about the mop.


Mop, drying duck, drying fish, huge pants drying on a laundry line, black car illegally parked: Shanghai in a nutshell

Antique store mop isn't actually antique

A nuclear family. The small one is probably a boy. If not, they'll soon be trying for one.

The bunny, official mascot for The Year thereof, in its cage outside a restaurant, accompanied by mop.

Emblematic of a city: mop and indoor/outdoor winter pyjamas

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