Nothing to Say Here (The Solutions Edition): Put A Shirt on That Pig!

For today’s edition of my Shanghai photo series, I have a small task for you. You see, yesterday I saw something confusing. Something I hadn’t seen before in this city.

I saw this.

Naked lunch: Shall we dress the pig in corduroy and denim? Or satin and lace?

Yes, that’s a pig. And yes, she’s wearing her best quilted winter PJs to take the pig for a walk.

I had something else on my mind though. Something far more pressing.

I wanted to know, why wasn’t the pig properly dressed like every other mammal in this city?

Be all you can be!

I’m thinking of assembling a proper outfit for the pig for the next time I see him out for a walk. What should he wear? Is he the sporty type? Should I get him one of those hooded track suits I’ve seen on poodles? Or a jeans and button-down shirt set, like I’ve seen on a few larger dogs? Maybe a militia camouflage ensemble? And what about shoes? Velveteen booties? Sneakers? Black cotton Chinese slippers with, say, dragon embroidery?

Any suggestions?

Oh, and one more dried meat shot for the road.

At the dry cleaners, not only is our wedding dress airing, but also our future dinners

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