The Ridiculously Awesome Cats Who Run Morocco

Morocco is, from what I have gathered over the past month of fairly intensive travel around the country, governed exclusively by cats.

People are there, sure, but they are peripheral when it comes to internal politics. I have a feeling that this feline governance is what keeps the country so tidy, calm and aesthetically pleasing. It also ensures a steady and sensible fish harvest along the coast.

If I may, I’d like to introduce you to some of the nation’s key leaders.


Meet the President




Minister of Logistics and Transport (is that even a title?)


Minister of Steps and Ledges


Minister and Deputy Minister of Inter-Cultural Affairs


Minister of Urban Affairs and Summer Intern


Minister of Religion


Ministry of Housing, main complex.


Minister of Fluffy White Laundry and Shade


Ministry of Sunny Stairs


Ministry of Fuzzy Tongued Ablutions


Minister of Recreation


Minister of Being Simply Freaking Awesome


Rare shot of Knighting Ceremony


Minister of Security


Deputy Minister in charge of Alleyway Kibble and Sardine Distribution


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