There has been a slight change of plans, folks




Sometimes one or two overly personal and private things can derail your ability to write at length about all the millions of notable and weird and interesting things going on concurrently.

Sometimes you don’t want to talk about those things just yet, for any number of reasons, but if you don’t at least blurt out their existence then nothing else makes sense.

Even that opening paragraph is annoyingly vague because I’ve still told you absolutely nothing about anything. I’m doing the exact same thing here as I did back in winter when my universe fell apart in Bali and I didn’t want to talk about it.

Last week, I was in London doing whatever it was that I was doing in London. I’ll tell you about those things in another post as they aren’t relevant here, though they were awesomely stuffed with cheese and filled with theatre, art, adventures on public transport, excellent visits with friends and long green hikes in Hampstead Heath and along the beach front in Brighton.


south bank


One day in London, I happened to meet another blogger (who I will allow to remain anonymous, unless she wants to speak up in the comments) who was going through a similar writer’s block due to a mountainous change in her personal circumstances that had utterly shifted everything and decontextualized everything she wanted to write about. We had a lovely long talk about just this, happy to finally tell someone out there what was going on and why the radio silence was becoming so embarrassingly lengthy.

So how do you explain, for example, why you were in London and not in Mexico as anticipated? How will you come to explain the forthcoming series of moves and changes that make no sense without revealing things you aren’t sure you’re ready to reveal?

Well. That’s a good question.

Since everything has (to put it mildly) shifted quite interestingly in the past several months and will continue to be utterly different, I really ought to just put it out there, in brief.

1. I’m getting married this Friday. Yay! Small ceremony, on a hill, in a park, with my immediate family, by the sea, with a lovely dinner lined up two weeks after that for the rest of the family and a few friends who happen to still be in the area. Most of my friends are scattered around the world, which makes it rather impossible to plan things like this. More low key than we had expected when initially thinking about it but we’ve only had a few weeks to plan it all out remotely from the UK, where we were visiting his family. Why the haste? Well. We need to be able to find a country where we can both legally reside, without me depending on a TEFL-y work visa. See point #2 below.

2. The baby is due in February.

See? See? I told you I had a lot going on, a lot that needed to be processed inside before being turned over to the general public. Now, I think, I can write at length again without feeling that huge chunks of meaning and context were absent.

I’ve missed you guys. How have you been?

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